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The Importance of Customs Brokers

July 23, 2015

Customs brokers play a very important role in business now. These are associations or corporations, regulated, licensed and empowered for assisting the import of goods. There’s a need of lot of customs knowledge and work involved these days for shipping things overseas. There are plenty of regulatory processes too.

It’s possible that a business can educate itself on the regulations and processes. But this often comes with higher risk as well, as the business has to go through the learning curve. And it’s a risk that most businesses aren’t prepared to take. It’s almost always better to hire a knowledgeable and experienced third-party that’s been doing this for years. A professional customs broking house can navigate through all the complicated regulations and logistics to ensure that there are no bottlenecks and complications.

Customs brokers work as the agent for the shipping client. They negotiate to get the best terms and rates for shipment. They do everything that’s needed to clear the shipment through the customs.

This Is What Happens

When a consignment is exported or imported, it needs to pass through and get clearance from every customs checkpoint. The shipment has to be documented, and claimed by a party. There will be inspection too for ensuring that no contraband goods are passing through, and that the documentation is accurate. This is where customs brokers excel. It’s their job to know the finer details of the entire process, get the necessary signatures, and how to make the goods pass through each customs stage. Any delay here could be costly for the business. And if the clearance is rejected for whatever reason, then of course, the outcome could be devastating. In fact, it could be much more than just financial loss.

It’s Not Easy

Make no mistake about it. The job of customs brokers is never easy. Take for instance the United States. The list of customs regulations of the country is really long. In fact, it goes well beyond 500 pages. Tariff classifications are complicated too. There are thousands of them. So the importer or exporter has to consider them all when passing goods through customs.

It’s the broker that makes the process looks smooth and easy, thanks to all the knowledge and experience of doing it every day for years. The broking company almost shepherds the goods from one port to another till it reaches the eventual destination. When shippers are dealing with an experienced customs broker, they know that the problem, if any, will be solved with just one single telephone call to the broking agency. That’s the kind of really good effect customs brokers have.
No wonder, almost all businesses involved in global trade will opt to hire efficient customs brokers.
Stile Associates is a leading customs broking agency. Based out of New York, it’s been helping businesses for more than 45 years now. Stile Associates is IATA-CNS Certified, Hazardous Materials Certified, TSA-IAC Certified as well as C-TPAT Certified. The tracking system custom tailored to meet individual needs of clients.

Don’t take a risk with your goods. Always hire the best customs brokers you can find.