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CTPAT Letter To Our Customers

Dear Valued Customer,

As a Certified and Validated member of the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, (CTPAT) it is our goal to help inform the importer and your partners of any changes or important aspects of the program.

Importers should ensure your supply chain is secure. There are a few reminders we feel are worthy of review.

-20 Point Truck and Trailer Examination should be performed when you have loose cargo taken from the factory to the point of consolidation. 

-It is the importers responsibility to ensure your wood packing material, usually pallets, are certified IPPC and are stamped with the inspection stamp.

-7-Point examination is now a 7-Point PLUS exam.  It now includes seal verification.

V-view the seal to verify the number is accurately imprinted on all of the documents and the number is not altered.

V-view the seal for integrity

T-tug on the seal to ensure it is properly affixed to the container.

T-twist the seal to ensure it will remain on the container to destination.

Photograph all containers as they are loaded and sealed.

Examine you containers for pest contamination. Do not accept a container that is not clean.

Any unusual behavior or suspicious activity should be reported to the local authorities as soon as you are aware of shipment violations.  Report also to the broker so they can notify U.S. Customs and border protection.

We sincerely hope these few reminders are helpful aids to assist you in maintaining a secure supply chain.